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As undergraduate students I worked at the Dept. of Inorganic Chemistry and studied substitution kinetics of amino-polycarboxilate complexes of rare earth metals. I changed the subject (not voluntarily) just before that the importance of lanthanide contrast agents were recognized.

I made my PhD Thesis (candidate of chemistry science, CSC) on the kinetics of reduction of coordinated nitrosyl in Fe(CN)5NO2 complex at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the KLTE (LajosKossuthUniversity). I received my degree in 1986 and left for Stockholm in 1987. Of course I stopped the activity at the field of nitrosyl complexes just before the discovery of NO as messenger was made.

I spent all together 2 years in Stockholm as postdoc. During that time I started the dynamic NMR spectroscopy of inorganic complexes. Returning home I got my first grant in order to start (or rather to continue prof. Brücher and prof Nagypál’s heritage) dynamic NMR in Debrecen. Because of the lack of instrumentation I left for Stockholm again in 1992 and continued the research activity parallely at both places.

I have cca. 60 published papers and cca. 150 lectures at international conferences. According to my (random like) statistics my papers were cited more than 800 times. In the future I want to extend my NMR studies to the structural investigation of moderate size, biologically important metal complexes and colloid systems. On this way I started to study the solution structures of Al citrates (with profs Tamás Kiss of Szeged and Imre Tóth of Debrecen) and lathanide contrast agents. In these days these are the most important activities of our small group. After this change everybody may expect some breakthrough type discovery in dynamic NMR (see my first two changes in chemistry)

We have launched NMR study of dendrimers and micellar systems with prof Lajos Balogh of SUNY Buffalo, István Országh, Márta Berka of University of Debrecen and Szabolcs Vass of Central Research Institute of Chemistry of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Most recently we build promising bilateral connections to Donghua University with professor Xiangyang Shi for studying macromolecular drug carriers and ligands for metal complex formation.

I teached basic physical chemistry for chemistry students and lead laboratory practice. Other subjects were in my teaching activity: basic calculations on the structure of matter, numerical mathematics for undergraduate chemistry students. I joined the PhD program on Chemical Kinetics started 1993. I have special courses on dynamic NMR spectroscopy for PhD students. These courses were also given in Stockholm at KTH and in Umeå at the Umeå University.

I was mentioned in one PhD thesis written by Andrea Bodor titled: Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy Studies of Some Aluminium Complexes in Solution (supervised by Tóth Imre, submitted to UD Faculty of Sciences in 2000) as expert of NMR and chemical kinetics.

I was mentioned as one of the supervisors of the following PhD Thesis:

Coordination Chemistry of Actinide and Lanthanide Ions (also supervised by Ingmar Grenthe and Zoltán Szabó submitted to KTH in 2001) written by Ildikó Farkas

Multinuclear NMR for equilibrium, structure and dynamic studies of some aluminium and thallium complexes ( supervised by J. Glaser and István Bányai)  written by Andrea Bodor.

Elucidation of structure and dynamics of compounds related to medical imaging techniques (DE 2005, supervised by István Bányai and J.A: Peters) written by Éva Csajbók

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